Exposure is a key ingredient for integrating with society and broadening the outlook of the children Unfortunatly this is one element that these children starve for.
We look forward to have volunteers who can spent some time with the children.
You could visit us and help us in many ways
  1. You could be a teacher in our school or college
  2. You could spent a day with us and share your experience in the world outside
  3. You could help us to strengthen extra curricular activities
  4. You could help us in our library
  5. You could help us with administration
  6. You could help us in our dairy farm
We are just asking for your time. You are welcome to stay at our campus and share our food
Ambassadors of the Cause: We also need help in reaching this idea to a larger cross section of the society; for support & sponsorship and for enrolment of students.


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  2. Hi Sir.I am SATHEESH BABU physics teacher having experience in International curricula like IGCSE, EDEXCEL and IB.I am teaching robotics too.I would like to request you to give me an opportunity to interact with your children so that I can share my knowledge and ideas in Physics & Robotics.

  3. Sir, I am Dr.N.Rajendiran, Prof. and Psychologist, having rich experience in teaching and Counselling for about 26 years, I have conducted many programs for college students and Employees on various Mental Health related tops. If you could arrange a session for your students related to any top on Psychological issues. I will deliver and address your students and faculty members questions.
    Thanking you,
    With regards,