"Empowering the Girl Child through Education"

India can be proud of many things but its gender bias is still a matter of concern.  One-third of its twelve million girls born every year do not grow up to be fifteen.  Some are killed before birth, some at birth, and some die of malnutrition.  Women need to be empowered not to let this happen.  They await empowerment through education. 

Research evidence shows that education of women can lead to poverty reduction, better education of children and more responsible management of family finances

"God reside where women are honoured."

Empowerment of the Girl Child especially those coming from underprivileged background was a passion for Dr PP Job an internationally renowned Christian leader. It is this passion that has manifested as MJC
He believed that the road to empowerment was education. He envisioned a Centre of Education which provided good quality education that molded the girl child to a responsible woman, that helped her to acquire employable skills, that provided her an environment promoting value system founded on decency, honesty and humility.
He did not want to build up run-of-the-mill ‘orphanages’ or ‘destitute homes’. He wanted to establish the Center of Education with quality infrastructure and committed staff where any parent would want to send their children paying regular fee.
He wanted to have a Home for the Underprivileged as a part of this campus so that the inmates will live and be educated as a part of a community of normal children experiencing the real world and not be quarantined. Today we are proud to have students hailing from 22 states of the country making MJC a crucible that integrates diverse cultures, languages, habits and practices. Such a multicultural mix helps them to prepare them for the challenges or real world.
While the fees and expenses for the children from normal households are paid for by their parents, fee & and expenses of these economically challenged children are taken care by MJC with sponsorship from supporters and well wishers.
MJC is set up without any profit motive. All the resources received from sponsors and fee paying students are used only for support of the underprivileged girl children.


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