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1. Times of India 30th December, 2012

In the "Speaking Tree"  Suppliment dated 30th December 2012 TOI has publlsihed an excellent tribute to Dr Job and MJC titled "Holding out Hope"

Holding Out Hope

By: M P K Kutty on Dec 29, 2012 | 19 Views | Post Response
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Holding Out Hope M P K KUTTY tells the story of P P JOB who extended himself to all
The story of Job in the Bible is about a wealthy man who faces calamity after calamity, and is at the end struck by a severe skin disease. Even the devout man’s wife cries out in desperation: ‘Curse God and die!’ But Job never lost faith. In the end, God compensates him handsomely for all that he had undergone.

In the film Titanic when the ‘unsinkable’ ship starts to sink after hitting an iceberg, people scramble madly to get into a rescue boat, but the ship’s music band continues to play.  The last hymn they play is ‘Nearer my God to Thee!’ The commitment and faith of the band in the film so impressed this real-life Job from Kunnamkulam in Kerala, that he couldn’t stop referring to it in his autobiography Turn Your Sorrow, written to commemorate the death of his two sons, aged 21 and 34, in violent accidents in the year 1999 and 2007, respectively. This Job came from a poor struggling family and made a living selling peanuts at a bus stand. He had a devout mother given to a life of piety. Always hospitable, she would serve her guests generously while there would be very little left for her own four children, writes Job.

Overcoming Tragedy
On her insistence, Job enrolled himself in a theology school, and landed in Delhi in the ’60s, as a small-time preacher. He could barely speak correct Malayalam or English, but went on to preach to massive gatherings in Mumbai and Chennai. He came to be internationally renowned when he accompanied Rev Richard Wurmbrand in his crusade against atheism to communist nations.

Dr Job had always wondered why the Lord had brought tragedies in his life, like snatching away his sons in the prime of their youth. But, he had firm faith that he would get to know the reality when he would meet his Master.

Around this time, he came across desperate appeals by guardians and NGOs wanting to find shelter and protection for orphan girls. He found that while people were willing to adopt orphan boys, there were no takers for girls. It struck him that every orphaned girl’s life story was similar to the tragedy he had undergone in his life.

A Life Of Dignity
A well-wisher had offered him a plot of barren land in Coimbatore. His desire to set up a memorial for his sons, now turned into a crusade to help abandoned girl children survive. Thus, an orphanage came into being with just 31 girls — orphaned in tragic and traumatic circumstances.

Electricity, water and other facilities needed for this orphanage was nothing short of miracles. Gradually, a higher secondary school, a college of arts and sciences and a college of education for girls became a reality. The orphanage grew to house more than 350 girls who looked up to Dr P P Job as their ‘Papa’. He prepared them for a life of dignity and honour. Job would often say: ‘The Lord took away my two sons but gave me 356 little daughters from all over the world to look after, nourish and nurture…’.

Today, the institution started by Jobs provides educational facilities to 2,000 girl students. By the grace of God, Job, the poverty-stricken boy who put to test his mustard-sized faith, gained his doctorate for his missionary work. He travelled across 130 countries and received several honours and awards. He passed away this August in Hungary at the age of 67, but the Michael Job institutions for women in Coimbatore stand as testimony of his committment to save the girl child with the slogans, ‘Adoption is better than abortion.’


2. In Memory of Dr. P.P. Job - So What Do You Think



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