Hostel for the Underprivileged

Michael Job Home for the Underprivileged

This is the hostel for girl children who are unfortunate to have no support system or those who are economically underprivileged to afford a decent education. 

These girls are provided hostel, food, clothing and education. They attend the school and colleges at MJC where students from families who come from well to do families also study. All the students at MJC share the same facilities like the dining hall, library, sports facilities, student center etc. Thus the underprivileged children get to integrate better with the real world instead of being isolated from the world.

In this hostel the children do not live in dormitories. We have two kinds of rooms. The larger one houses eight children and the smaller one four. Each room has attached bathroom and toilet. In each room we have senior students and junior students from different classes. The seniors take the responsibility of mentoring and looking after the juniors. Thus they learn to take responsibilities in a homely environment. 

Today MJC has a student strength of about 1100 students. Out of this about 500 are sponsored.