Coaching for Civil Services

Indian Civil Services is one the most prestigious career for any young professional in India.

The selection process consists of a tough written examination and interview. Only those who have developed a deep understanding in a broad array of topics which any good administrator should be familiar with can qualify in this selection process.

In addition to the breadth and depth of knowledge, the successful candidate should be able to demonstrate capability in interpreting complex issues and willingness to take a position taking into diverse aspects of the issue at hand. The candidate should be able to exhibit confidence that he/ she possess a value system that is founded on fairness & integrity and in synch with the cultural moorings of our country. The candidate should be ready for a completely different kind of preparation on a broad variety of areas to have any chance in clearing this examination.

MJC, has established a Coaching Centre that could mentor and help prospective candidates through this journey lasting 15 months.

The course has been designed by Mr B Vijayan IAS (retd) who will personally lead the coaching supported by an eminent panel of experts who will guide the students through this arduous journey.

The Methodology

1.       The syllabi prescribed for General Studies cannot be mastered with shortcuts or spoon feeding or rote memorisation because it requires extensive reading and analyse to present your perspective and understanding in the your answers. Most questions do not have any right or wrong answer; you are expected to express your opinion/ perspective/ analysis cogently.
2.       At the start of the program the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates will be assessed to bench mark their level to help them  set schedule and priority
3.       This coaching will include classroom sessions at the centre and continuous hand holding using modern Information technology tools. Students will also be provided with printed study material.
4.       The class room sessions will be structured to strengthen the conceptual understanding through extensive self-learning by the students.
5.       Initial classes will be devoted to strengthening fundamentals.
6.       Thereafter advanced reading materials will be prescribed/ supplied.
7.       Candidates will have access to MJC Library and computer lab for online research.
8.       Class room activities will concentrate more on providing clarifications and for discussions on current topics to help the candidates to formulate their view points on wide variety of topics.
9.       There will be special focus to improve oral and written expression in English. This will include training to present ideas /views precisely within the prescribed word limits and without missing any important points. This would also help in facing the interviews.
10.    When there are no classes will be able to learn at home with active online guidance and support from the faculty. This will include daily hand holding support for reading materials, clarification of doubts as well reference on important news items/articles published in three newspapers.
11.    There will be special guidance on how to organise and manage time to maximise the performance within the constraints.
12.    There will be continuous evaluation of progress both in class room as well as online.
13.    The coaching will be for General Studies, General Essay and Interview which covers total of 1500 out of 2000 marks. Medium of Education will be English


Classes will start on 10 August

Those who are interested may send a email expressing their interest to The mail should include a brief CV of the applicant including details of educational qualification supported by final mark sheets of from 12th standard to all graduate, post-graduate level examinations cleared and school/ college attended employment etc

The total fee for the program will be Rs 50, 000 to be paid in advance. Deserving candidates will be given fee concession


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