Saturday, 5 August 2017

Proud winners of Zonal level competitions

In the competitions conducted by Tamil Nadu Sports and Athletics Department, our children from MJC Higher Secondary School have won several competitions at the Zonal Level.  
  1. Junior (under 14) football - 1st prize
  2. Senior (under 17) football - 1st prize
  3. Super senior (under 19) football - 1st prize

Apart from winning the football matches, our children have bagged the following prizes:
  1. Gracy Kindo, (1500 Mts., U-17) – First Prize
  2. Alimika Mondal, High Jump (U-14) - Second Prize
  3. Celestin.L.N.Hing, Javelin (U-17) - Second Prize
  4. Gracy Kindo, 400 Mts. (U-17) - Second Prize
  5. Alisha Oraon, High Jump (U-17) - Second Prize
  6. Smriti Priya Digal, 100 Mts. (U-19) - Second Prize            
  7. Surabhi Digal, Javelin (U-19) - Third Prize                          
  8. Alisha Oraon, 400 Mts. (U-17) - Third Prize                        
  9. Esther Rani, 200 Mts. (U-19) - Third Prize                          
  10. Smriti Priya Digal, Triple jump (U-19) - Third Prize
  11. Smriti Priya Digal, Long Jump (U-19) - Third Prize                           
  12. Gracy Kindo, High Jump (U-17) - Third Prize                       
  13. Gracy Kindo, Triple Jump (U-17) -Third Prize                    
  14. Sukilyani Mendol, Discus Throw (U-14) - Third Prize                      
  15. Sukilyani Mendol, High Jump (U-14) -Third Prize                            
  16. 4x100 Mts. Relay, (U-17) -Third Prize


  1. You are helping such a great cause, may you have more success in it. And aslo hope more people can inspired by it which will help this world better.

  2. well done champs proud of you my littles