Sunday, 25 October 2015

Virtual Class Room at MJC

The Vision of MJC is to “Empower the Girl Child through Education” Fore us “empowerment” means helping our students to make a quantum leap in their social standing; arresting the cycle of poverty for her and coming generations who can stand on their own legs. The key requirement for this is the quality of education, breadth of exposure and inputs for total personality development.

We face a big challenge in this journey. The challenge of our affordability and availability of faculty, counsellors and advisers who could take education to a different level.

Virtual Class Room

Thanks to Ms Jayne Bagwell we now have a solution. We have established a Virtual Class Room with a broadband connection, a computer and a projector. Through Skype we are able to have guest lectures from exceptionally qualified and committed professionals from around the world.
Dr Lovneesh Chanana

The guest lectures any of the following three formats. offer a full course during a semester
  • Some offer a full course during a semester
  • Some give few lectures on difficult topics
  • Some give lectures on general topics or give motivational talks that open their eyes and expose them to the world they normally have no access.
We kicked-off this project off this academic year.

Mr Shashidha Danturty
Dr Lovneesh Chanana Director Government Services, SAP along with Mr Sashidhar Danturti Sr Manager Cap Gemini have been kind enough to do a full course on RDBMS for the graduate students.

Ms. Mitu Ray Choudhary

Ms Mitu Ray Choudhary Manager Ernst & Young has been a great help in doing a full course on Corporate Accounting for our graduate students. In addition to Corporate Accounting she also gave quite a lot of guidance for our students on how to face interviews and how to participate in group discussion.
Mr. Santosh Adsul

Mr Santosh Adsul Sr Consultant, Ernst & Young took a full course on Visual Programming. He also has been advising us on modernizing our IT infrastructure.

We were lucky to have Dr Vanita Vaidyalingam, IRS (Retd)to do a lecture on Linguistics & Phonetics to augment the English classes

Harishankar S Chief General Manager Of State Bank gave spoke to our children about Career Opportunities in Banking and how to prepare for it.

We got on opportunity to have Mr Markus Zurcher, of Axa life who is one of our key supporters speaking to our children motivating them.

We are excited about this new medium and believe that this will be a game changer for MJC in the coming years.

We look forward to volunteers who can join us on Skype and share their experience, wisdom and knowledge to our children

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