Sunday, 6 September 2015

MJC Girls sweep INDRIA-15

Tejaa Shakti Institute of Technology a reputed Engineering College for women as a part of their INDRIA’15 Project organised inter-school competitions which attracted wide participation from many schools from Coimbatore. From MJC a total of 38 students from grades 11 and 12 participated various contests in the areas of:    
  1. Speech(Eng.)
  2. Speech(Tam.)
  3. Poetry(Eng.)
  4. Poetry(Tam.)
  5. Drawing
  6. Dumb Charades
  7. Ad mart
  8. Quiz
MJC Girls  total of 10 prizes in six categories

1. Speech(Eng.)
       1st prize-Devika Sharma(12 std.)
       2nd prize-Greta(12 std.)
       3rd prize-Aileen Joseph(12 std.)
2. Poetry(Eng.)
       1st prize-Greta(12 std.)
       2nd prize-Aileen Joseph(12 std.)
       3rd prize-Merlene(11 std.)
3. Poetry(Tam.)
       1st prize-Jerussy Menora Kiruba(12 std.)
4. Quiz
       1st prize-Aileen Joseph and Joan(12 std.)
5. Dumb Charades
       1st prize-Yasvantra and Jerussy Menora Kiruba(12 std.)
6. Ad mart
       2nd prize-Sharren and Simantha(12 std.)

The staff and students of MJC join in congratulating the outstanding performance.

Teachers in-charge - Mrs.D.Nirmala & Mrs.Mini Biju
Student representative - Aileen Joseph

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