Sunday, 30 August 2015

Seven Bharathiar University Rank holders from MJC CAS

Fore the academic year 2014-15, in the 10 streams of undergraduate programs at MJC College of Arts & Science  95% students graduated successfully. Of these 10 streams six streams had 100%  success rate.

Seven students from the undergraduate program are in the rank list of Bharathiar University.15.

Join MJC fraternity to congratulate the rank holders.

Thanganayaki T
Thanganayaki T           BA (Tamil Lit)               2nd Rank

Divya G
Divya G                       BA (Tamil Lit)              5th  Rank

Ashhaa A
Asshha A                     B. Sc (Zoology)            6th Rank

Gayathri R                   B.Com (CA)                 8th Rank

Divya M                       B.Com (IT)                  9th Rank

Ravathi. S                    B.Com (IT)                  9th Rank

Gokila P                       B.SC (C.S)                  10th Rank

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