Monday, 4 November 2013

MJC Guest Lecture Series - Justice System and You by Jayasankar Nambiar

At MJC we organize guest lectures by people with diverse experience. This helps to provide wider exposure to our children and gives them opportunity to interact with people with different background.

On 30th September we had with us Adv Jayashankar Nambiar an eminent lawyer from Ernakulam. He is an alumni of Lawrence School, Lovedale and currently has a very successful practice in Ernakulan High Court.

He did a fabulous job in sharing with the children different aspects of legal profession. He covered fundamentals of legal system, what the relevance of laws and regulations in a civilized society, scool and college, what is expected from each citizen in upholding law. His talk was so lucid and simple and the children of college and school enjoyed. 

He also explained the opportunities in building a career in Law


  1. Jayasankar Nambiar is one of the best educationalist of India who guide the children about their future in the field of legality and justice system.

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