Sunday, 30 August 2015

Seven Bharathiar University Rank holders from MJC CAS

Fore the academic year 2014-15, in the 10 streams of undergraduate programs at MJC College of Arts & Science  95% students graduated successfully. Of these 10 streams six streams had 100%  success rate.

Seven students from the undergraduate program are in the rank list of Bharathiar University.15.

Join MJC fraternity to congratulate the rank holders.

Thanganayaki T
Thanganayaki T           BA (Tamil Lit)               2nd Rank

Divya G
Divya G                       BA (Tamil Lit)              5th  Rank

Ashhaa A
Asshha A                     B. Sc (Zoology)            6th Rank

Gayathri R                   B.Com (CA)                 8th Rank

Divya M                       B.Com (IT)                  9th Rank

Ravathi. S                    B.Com (IT)                  9th Rank

Gokila P                       B.SC (C.S)                  10th Rank

Saturday, 15 August 2015

World Day against Child Labour

The World Day against Child Labour was first launched in 2002 aiming to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour by the initiative of International Labour Organisation (ILO) The World Day against Child Labour, which is held every year on June 12, is intended to foster the worldwide movement against child labour in any of its forms.

For MJC which is set up with a vision of empowering the girl child through education this is an important day and dour children planned for a variety of programs to make this a memorable day. The celebration began with an awesome show presented by the students of the Michael Job College of Arts and Science.

The house activity on this occasion was a poem recitation competition. The contest was held at the chapel from 3:00-4:00 p.m. The students were divided into three categories. Grades 1-4th belonged to the first category, grades 5-8th belonged to the second category and the third category consisted of 9-12th grades. The evaluation was based on the selection of the poem, expressions and fluency. Some students recited poems by eminent poets and some recited poems written by them.

The winners of the 1st category were Jessica Digal (green), Keerthika (yellow) and Stella Sherpa (green). Vanitha (blue), Celia Rai(red) and Silvana Rai (yellow) were the winners from the 2nd category. The 3rd category had Devika Sharma (yellow), Liana (blue) and Swapna (yellow) as its winners. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rally on Save the Girl Child

Michael & John Job Center for Education (MJC) was established by late Dr. P.P. Job with a vision to “Empower the Girl Child through Education”. In line with its mission, MJC undertakes initiatives to build awareness among the public about social evils like the discrimination against girls, female foeticide and so on

This year as a part of its public awareness program MJC organized a rally with the message “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD”  on  Monday 6th July, 2014 at Race Course, Coimbatore. Around 500 students from MJC along with Patrons and the Staff of our Educational Institutions participated in this Rally

A group of students from Indian Public School, Coimbatore also joined our Rally this year. The rally started from Sarathambal Temple in Race Course area and ended at the same place. There was a good response from the public to who joined us in support the theme of our rally.

For MJC such initiatives are part of their learning and they organize such programs every year with participation form MJC students, faculty and well-wishers in conjunction with their convocation ceremony. In the past they had many local dignitaries like Late Hema Karunakaran (former Commissioner of Police) and Mr Doraiswami a leading political personality blessing these initiatives.

The trustees of the institutions, the three principals, the staff and students took part in the rally this year. Children raised slogans urging the people to give education to the girl children and they also highlighted the negative effects of female foeticide and female infanticide. The importance of girl child was recited in the form of rhymes. Enthusiasm of the local community could be seen by their presence and served as a boost for the cause.

The participants in the rally also had placards with different slogans in local language depicting the importance of girl child in the society to spread awareness in the society and remove differences between boys and girls from public mind. . Reporters from varies dallies had come and noted about the rally.

A report by L. JEEVITHA and M. RAGASUDHA, Department of English

Saturday, 18 July 2015

MJC Celebrates Nineth Graduation Day

The 9th Graduation day of the MICHAEL AND JOHN JOB EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS was held on Saturday, July 04, 2015 in the John Job Auditorium. Mr. Mathew Samuel IAS, Secretary in charge of Sports, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development of the Government of Goa was the Chief Guest. We also had an impressive array of Guests which included Ms.Deepika Mittal,IRS Mr. S V. Paramasivam, Director.Rural Health services Coimbatore Rtn Sanjay Shah and Rtn Shafiq President and Secretary of Rotary Spectrum Coimbatore, Rtn Krishnakumar Payel, Mr Balamurugan reputed Industrialist, Ms Sonali Geed from IPS, Mr.Markus Zuercher, from Switzerland, Dr Hans Braun from Germany and Rev Jan Bor from the Netherlands.

After the Academic Procession entered the auditorium, the dignitaries were escorted to the dais by the students. The program began with the Tamil Thai Vazhlthu. Then Mr.T.Koshy, Vice President introduced and welcomed the guests and the all those attended the program. 

In her presidential Address, Dr. Mary Job, the President appealed to the students to help the people, especially the women in need and also pledge to give back to the society after their studies.

The Chief Guest in his speech encouraged the graduates to develop their communication skill and aspire to become great leaders.      

Mr.Balamurugan, Industrialist, Coimbatore, Mr. Sanjay shah, president Rotary Spectrum, Coimbatore felicitated the graduates.

The Chief Guest, the President along with Dr. Lali Thomas, Principal, Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women honoured the gold medallist, university rank holders and the Post graduate students of Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women.

Ms.S.Krishnapriya, Principal Michael Job matriculation higher secondary school honoured the school topers and cash prizes were given to them.

Mr.Babu.P.Varu, Trustee, Rtn K.K. Payal and Mr. Markus Zuercher distributed the degrees to the graduates of Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women.

Mr.S.V.Paramasivam, Director Rural Health Service, Coimbatore, Ms. Deepika Mittal along with Dr.D.Devenesan Sanjeevi and Mr.T.Koshy, gave away the certificates to the graduates from Michael Job College of Education.

Rev. Jan Bor and Mr. Sanjay Shah along with Ms. Elizabeth Koshy, and Ms.S.Krishnapriya Michael Job matriculation higher secondary school honoured the students of the school. Rev. Hans Braun and Ms. Sonali Geed issued UKG certificates.

The Rotary Spectrum Coimbatore recognized the toppers and the best teachers with Cash awards.

Ms. Jeevitha, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women was the Master of Ceremony. The function ended up with the National Anthem.

This report was prepared by Ms. Jeevitha, Department of English, MJCAS.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

MJC welcomes our Alumni Roja Jasmine back as our Faculty member

I am Roja Jasmine. I came to Michael job centre after my father was brutally murdered in 2003. It was very difficult for my family to continue in life after the death of my father. What complicated our hardship was that our family was also in debt as we had borrowed significant funds for my father’s treatment. Our financial and emotional condition was in disarray and none of our relatives were willing to help due to the fear that they might incur the wrath of those who had murdered my father.We were totally alienated.

Our local pastor was helping us spiritually and knew that we were in dire straits. It was at this time that he told us about MJC and spoke to Dr. Job about me. I consider myself very fortunate that Dr.Job welcomed me with open arms. I started my journey at MJC when I was in 5th grade. In the ensuing years, I finished my 12th grade and then moved to the Michael Job Memorial College of Arts and Science for undergraduate study. After I graduated with a degree in B.A (English Literature), I went on to study B. Ed at the Michael Job College of Education. I have currently been absorbed as a faculty in Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School. At the same time, I hope to continue my studies and acquire a Master’s in English Literature.

MJC has changed my life and I am very grateful for the opportunity to give something back to my alma mater as I groom the children studying at the campus. This job has also allowed me to become independent financially and support my family. Most importantly, the environment at Michael Job Centre has taught to live life in a better way. I hope that my life will be a lamp that spreads the light of education to the poor and needy. Greatly inspired by my mentor, Dr. Job, I want to follow in his footsteps and become an aid to the deprived section of society.

MJC welcomes Roja Jasmine back as a faculty member. She epitomizes the long held dream of Dr. Job of creating a sustainable system of life and resources for MJC.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Live the life of your present.
Because everything behind you is dark and gone.
And never will it come back.
Your past remains your past forever.
Never try to peep in through those windows,
Windows to your unknown future.
Cause jumping in through those windows
Will give discomfort; try walking in through the door.
The key to your door,
Lies somewhere around you, just like a puzzle.
Solve your quest and there you go.
Sometimes jumping in through the window
Can give you a lot more pleasure
And can prove to be an easier way.
But don’t get tempted
It can be something which hurts,
And you would regret your wrong choice.
Live your life to the horizon
Imagine your dream and fight for it.
Fight, you were born for it.
Love your life and love yourself
Because when you’re forlorn, your soul is what you’ll have.

-          by Aileen Joseph, Class 12, MJC

Saturday, 13 June 2015

World Environmental Day Celebration at MJC

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5th June 2015 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is an initiative by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The theme for 2015 was 'Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet; Consume with Care'.

This year, MJC celebrate WED to spread awareness about this theme among our students. Towards this we organised a number of activities for our students. The day began with two brief speeches by Ms. Esther Rani of 10th grade and Ms. Devika Sharma of 12th grade during the morning assembly. Both the speeches were really eloquent and succeeded in expressing their views on the safeguarding of the environment.

Later during the day, a drawing contest and a quiz were held for the students of the Michael Job. Higher. Secondary School. The drawing contest was conducted in the chapel for the students of Grade  I - VI. 80 students, 20 from each house participated in this competition. The first prize was bagged by Alisha Oraon (Blue House) from the 6th grade. She was followed by Gail (Green House) from 6th grade and Sibina Nayak (Yellow House) from the 5th grade.

A Quiz was held in the school block for the students from grade 7th to 12th. The quiz had two rounds –the preliminary round (written format) and the finals (oral) with 16 students, 4 from each house, Team red won the first prize. The team members were K.Yazhini     (Grade - X), Ching Thian - Gill (Grade - IX), Anjana Mahalik (Grade - X) and Celesti (Grade VIII). The second and third prizes were awarded to the green and yellow houses respectively.

The whole programs were informative and enjoyable for the whole student community.

Report filed by Ailene Joseph